Monday, April 3, 2017

Do you like coffee? (Or tea or hot cocoa?)

By now you know I love to journal. Other than reading or napping, personal journaling is my favorite way to quietly spend time alone.

When I'm home and have no where else to go for the day, I sometimes relax by enjoying coffee or hot chocolate.

And you know, coffee does something to the brain. I'm actually quite sensitive to caffeine, but timed correctly I can use the stimulant to my advantage.

Caffeine morphs my creative levels into overdrive. I can get jittery, but if I keep busy I don't even notice.

Now, that's for coffee. Sometimes I have decaf when I don't want to be anxious or jittery. But unfortunately decaf does the opposite: it makes me sleepy.

It's great for before bedtime, though. ;)

I'd often use my same two old mugs for drinking either beverage, or hot chocolate. I've used them for a few years, and one of them is definitely getting a bit worn.

I could get new mugs... but I want mugs I designed because I know exactly what I like. I like comforting things. Encouraging things. And purple. (Because. Purple.)

So I'll get to the point.

I've got 2 mugs on sale, designed by yours truly. And for you my readers, I've got a couple of discounts waiting for you. This is NOT available to everyone else or in other stores-- you are the first and the only people to know about it.

I sell them at GearBubble. If you don't have a GearBubble account, it's fast and completely free to create one.

I've got a $2 discount for the black mug version of my "Curl Up with a Journal and Write" coffee mugs.

I also have a $3 discount for the white with purple text version of this mug. And you don't even need them to drink; you can use it to store your favorite pens or pencils.

Maybe you could keep writing-related quotes in a mug with this design.

Or you might know a friend who'd like this mug... especially an introverted friend. She or he can use the extra comfort, a gentle reminder that they can sit with their journal and write in it.

Either way, I'm so excited to give you the first discounts on my mugs up for sale. There are 11oz and 15oz available for both of them.

Get the black and white one here.

Get the purple text one here.

But hurry. These discount links are good for only 2 days. Get your discount while you can!


P.S.: I like coffee and I want new mugs, so I'm making my own. I have two different versions, a black and white mug and a white one with purple text that say "Curl Up with Your Journal and Write." You can get them at GearBubble with a discount good for 2 days only.

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