Thursday, March 2, 2017

Author S.J. Scott Writes on Building a Daily Personal Journaling Habit

One of my favorite nonfiction/self-help authors S.J. Scott (also known as Steve Scott) has posted a cool article on his website Develop Good S.J. Scott wrote and co-wrote various books about building positive habits such as setting goals, increasing productivity and staying organized. In my top favorites now is CONFIDENT YOU: An Introvert's Guide to Success in Life and Business, which Steve co-wrote with fellow author Rebecca Livermore.

And guess why I'm sharing this (I gave you a clue :D )? The article Steve posted is about journal writing! I've been writing in journals for a long time but this article was so fun to read! :) I nodded in agreement quite a few times.

Some topics discussed are: The benefits of journaling; setting aside the time to write; what to write about; how to write in the journal; appropriate environments to journal (though it should be whatever works best for YOU). That's not all, though... there's still more! If you want to check this out now, click here.

As a quick tutorial, it's a great getting-started guide for building a daily journaling habit. However, it will depend on how you want your journal to help you. For example, some days I write paragraphs or pages in a big college-ruled notebook. Other days, the only journaling I've done is write a few lines in my pocket notebook. And that's okay; it's small but it's till also a journal of my thoughts, ideas and reminders. But sometimes those few lines... or even a few words... might mean the difference between a good idea and a great idea!

I go into more detail about personal journaling in my eBook Easy Journal Writing. For now, to get a strong introduction on personal journaling today, grab a few minutes to read Steve Scott's post on the daily personal journaling habit. You can find his article here.

If you also want to learn more about his habit books, check out this page on Develop Good

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