Monday, January 22, 2018

My Fear Deconstruction Workbook is Available on BusyMindOasis!

Everyone has more than one fear. We have fears that either keep us up at night, or hold us back from accomplishing a task or goal, or both.

Whenever you do face a challenge that involves one of your fears, you want to be able to manage how you react or behave.

I thought I'd never get over a particular fear, until I learned by myself to deconstruct it and analyze it deeply.

Anyone can deconstruct a fear, even you. But you gotta ask the right questions. Questions NO ONE ELSE will ask you.

In my digital store BusyMindOasis, I'm offering one of my latest digital products, The Fear Deconstruction Workbook.

In this workbook, I share a personal story of my own to help you understand how to use The Fear Deconstruction Workbook. The workbook's questions that follow are based on questions I ask myself when I wanted to understand a certain fear I have in order to do something about it.

When I deconstruct a fear, I take it apart, examine/analyze it and figure out what the real fear is. And when it's something I can actually get over, then it's easier to handle in the future.

You can pick a fear you want to handle, deconstruct it so that you see the other fears that make up that fear, and use that knowledge to create a plan for yourself to handle your fear better the next time you face it. You can do this for many of your fears if not all of them.

You'll learn more about yourself in the process. You'll grow with each time you use this workbook to deconstruct your fears - fear of a particular insect, a certain situation, or other objects or conditions that cause you severe anxiety or panic. Examples of these could be cockroaches, booming thunder, or the fear of the dark. Even a complex fear like fear of success. Yes! Success can be scary too.

When I face my fear again, I know I'll be more prepared...

...and you can, too!

The questions inside my workbook PDF The Fear Deconstruction Workbook will help you focus on the cause(s) of your fear and acknowledge them so you can have room in your brain to process building a new resolve.

There are some fears that will take weeks or months to start managing. Some will take years. This workbook will help you so when it's time to face some of your biggest and most annoying fears, you'll know what to do in the future.

To get your PDF copy from my BusyMindOasis shop, click here.

Now if I can just take care of that fear of booming thunder…! :D

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