Thursday, October 13, 2016

Curl Up With a Good Journal In Front of the Fire

Autumn is upon us in the United States. Little by little the climate is getting colder.

Most people would like to come back home after a long day and curl up with a good book.

But maybe some others, like me, want to write in a book ourselves.

We’d prefer to write in a journal book instead.

Relax and Pour Out a Cup of Brain Clutter

Sure, reading a novel is a good distraction from the real world. We are reminded how grateful we can be, that we are not in as troubled of a situation as the protagonists we read about.

Then there is also the clutter in our heads.

We shouldn’t leave our brains cluttered. It’s bound to happen at least after half of a day goes by, and it can be that way even as early as getting out of bed. “What’s gonna happen today? What should I not forget today? What do I need to be careful about today? Is that milk still good?”

Keeping that all in your head is not going to do you good if you need to, or want to, be in the present moment.

Maybe you had a new story idea you want to write down that’s been floating around in your head since lunchtime.

You can look forward to writing it down when you get home. Maybe not on a loose sheet of paper, but in a nice, good-quality journal book you bought for yourself some time ago. Or maybe that journal book was a gift, and you didn’t know what to write in it or when to start it.

Get Cozy

Start that journal today.

Ask for that time. No—GIVE yourself some time to be in a quiet place and write things down.

If you get resistance, well…

Here’s the thing. You need to treat that time like it’s sacred. Your doctor would order it. Your writer friend would suggest it; whether you identify as a writer or not, that sacred personal journaling time will still benefit.

Whatever it is you want to talk about, that you can’t talk about with anyone because it’s a story idea or it’s a painful emotion… your journal book won’t talk back at you. It won’t tell you what to do. It will show you what you thought, what you think, and how you feel. 

You can turn what you wrote down into something you can use.
And then… your brain won’t be as cluttered after you write your whirling thoughts. You can go to sleep. You can be fully involved in a conversation.

Curl Up With That Journal

So if you want to read a book when it’s time to relax, then go ahead. You can read that book soon.

But before you forget those important or interesting thoughts you don’t want to forget, write them down. Write them down in your journal book or notebook.

And maybe you won’t want to put that pen down. You may keep writing. The novel you’re reading can wait a little longer.

Do you prefer reading or journaling on cold or rainy nights? Leave your answers in the comments.

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